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we've got hard deadlines and time frames, and wiggle room ain't part of it. We either have to fly in the first week of June, or we need to wait until at least September to move our 300 animals from Afghanistan to the US---nothing in between. And we need to know by the end of March which we're planning on.

For those not on the ground here in Kabul, September might seem more reasonable, sensible, moderately paced--simply more possible. But I speak for all of us at the rescue here in Kabul when I say we cannot last another six months at this level of overload and sheer exhaustion. None of us are operating at a level we can sustain that long, and I dare say we're pretty good at the heartbreak-backbreak animal welfare marathon. We are at the brink of overpopulation right now and willpower can only go so far when it comes to plucking space and money from thin air.


We need to fly in June.

We need it for our animals in residence

We need it for our overworked staff

We need it for the animals we have yet to meet

We need your help in every way to make this happen:

homes, fosters, rescues, transport, admin volunteering, networking, speaking up, media outreach, IT help, fundraising, and we also just need some sheer encouragement, because we been told it's impossible 


The majority of our adoptable animals can be found on our website, which we're working to update regularly, and any questions or offers to volunteer or help fundraise can be emailed to and we'll respond as soon as possible. Our main fundraising site is ksar-all-paws-airlift-2024 and we encourage everyone to use the "I want to fundraise for this" button and aim to raise a few hundred dollars through their own networks. Never forget, we filled a cargo plane full of animals on a frozen January night five months after a government takeover and flew them to safety in Canada all with donations averaging under $40. You made that happen and believed in us when we had nothing but determination and love. Nothing is too small, no voice too quiet, no effort without effect. We need you now, all of you.

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